Meet Richard Young

Richard C. Young (Dick) grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, graduated from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with a B.S. in investments.

Dick began his investment career in 1964 with Clayton Securities in Boston, and founded Young Research & Publishing, Inc. in 1978 to publish Young’s World Money Forecast.

discerning investors.

Dick is a life-long jazz, rhythm & blues, and Harley-Davidson devotee.

He and Debbie, when not traveling America on their Harleys, live on high ground in the Southernmost spot in the U.S., Key West, Florida.

About Intelligence Report

Since Dick's bedrock principle on investing is to never trade on emotion, Dick Young's Intelligence Report focuses investing for the long-term and harnessing the awesome power of compound interest.

In this service, Dick relies on a conservative investing strategy, where he recommends super-safe Treasury bonds, blue-chip growth stocks riding locked-in trends, and high-yielding value stocks and high-yielding preferred stocks. For those interested in mutual funds, Dick has many recommendations in this area, with Vanguard being his #1 family.

Dick's Intelligence Report service has four main components—the monthly issue, his Monster Master Lists and the Economic Analysis. Plus, Dick has recently implemented a new Breaking News feature to your service. Let's take a closer look at the main pieces of this service:

Monthly Issue: Each month, Dick will provide subscribers with a comprehensive economic overview of U.S. economic trends, interest rates, inflation and other critical factors that affect the U.S. stock market. The monthly issue will also give you in-depth information on Dick's outlook for the market, and it will tell you which investments are best situated to help you profit from the current environment. It includes Dick's hardest-hitting current ideas, as well as the scoop on the common stocks, mutual funds and fixed-income investments you should be focusing on.

Plus, on the last page of each monthly issue, Dick provides subscribers with his Top 10 Common Stock Countdown. This is a list of stocks that Dick feels are the 10 best bets for the period in which he is writing the newsletter. If you are a stock investor and are looking for some new investments, this is a good place to start.

Monster Master Lists: Dick has two Monster Master Lists—Common Stocks and Mutual Funds—that he alternates between every other month. While there are many recommendations on his Monster Master Lists, he does not believe they should be used as a model portfolio. Dick believes that every investor has different goals and invests at different times, therefore, his Monster Master Lists provide you with a variety of common stocks and mutual funds that you can choose from to achieve your investment goals.

Economic Analysis: The Economic Analysis is a supplement to the issue that Dick provides every month. This supplement provides you with a bird's eye view of the indicators that Dick monitors on a regular basis. The Economic Analysis is focused on 52 charts that he regularly updates, along four featured charts that are different each month.

Plus, on the last page of the Economic Analysis there is a "What's Up & What's Down" box. This provides you with a brief overview of the mutual funds that Dick follows. It gives you a look at how the funds have fared over the past two years and their current year-to-date numbers.

Breaking News:The Breaking News feature was created to provide you with more coverage on Dick's Monster Master Lists' companies and mutual funds between monthly issues. These updates will provide you with timely information that Dick feels is necessary for you to have before the next issue of the Intelligence Report is published.

Over the next couple months, Breaking News will blossom into a nifty bonus strategy feature for you. You will be able to visit Dick's Intelligence Report website on a regular basis, as Dick strives to keep continuity between monthly newsletters.

While Breaking News will be posted online for all subscribers to have access to, it is important for you to register your email address with us. By registering your email address, you will receive the Breaking News update directly in your inbox the minute that it has been posted to the website. To register your email address and receive timely Breaking News updates from Dick Young, please click here.

Subscriber Only Website: The web site provides subscribers with access to Dick's most recent Intelligence Report issue, an archive of past Intelligence Report issues, an archive of his Economic Analysis supplements and his Monster Master Lists. The web site will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a subscriber to Dick's Intelligence Report, you can receive an email notifying you when the latest Intelligence Report issue has been posted to the website. Simply click here and register your email address now.

About Distressed Candidates and Takeover Candidates

Distressed Securities and Takeover Candidates is a monthly e-newsletter targeted at making profitable investments in small-cap stocks. Each month, you will receive one extremely well-researched stock pick targeted to produce 40-100% gains in less than a year. No clutter. No “ok” picks. Just one. Just the best. Designed to spice up your portfolio rather than replace it, Distressed Securities and Takeover Candidates will help you win in the game of special-situation small-cap stocks.